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Purity Ring :: Lofticries | Facebook | Twitter

Chance the Rapper :: Everybody’s Something

More weed and chill instrumentals at High-Fi Smoking Music

Flying Lotus :: Putty Boy Strut

FlyLo’s newest album drops dropped October 2! Click here to purchase from Amazon.

More weed and chill music at High-Fi Smoking Music

Flatbush Zombies :: S.C.O.S.A. (Snorting Cocaine Off a Stripper’s Ass) | Facebook | Twitter

Dirtybird Beats :: Big Sur

Check this tune by Dirtybird Beats. What starts off as a gloomy orchestra of dying electronics quickly unfolds into a head-nodding hypnotic instrumental.

Also, Dirtybird has a free LP available for download at his Bandcamp. | Facebook | Twitter

The Hood Internet :: Shadow Cruising (Alan Wilkis x White Hinterland x Lyrics Born x Jib Kidder)

Straight up laid-back mash-up courtesy of The Hood Internet. I’m not familiar with the source material so I can’t comment, but this mix works like a charm. Zone out. | Facebook | Twitter

Flatbush Zombies :: Thug Waffle

You may not have heard yet, but these guys are attracting some online buzz. These weird dudes from Brooklyn recently posted the video for this thick weed track. There’s some classic stoner sentiments (“Fuck the police though, we smoke it like it’s legal”), but delivery and personality make all the difference for these guys. That’s not to say they don’t have chops. The production is clean and catchy and the lyrical flow works to accentuate that.

If nothing else, you have to give the video a chance. It starts out with a large plate of weed next to a huge stack of waffles and somewhere near the end I do believe some acid is dropped. Again, perhaps more than anything, the personality of the group shines and the video gives context to the characters behind the lyrics. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye and ear out for them in the future.

Twitter: @MeechIsDEAD @ZombieJuicee @erickarcelliott
Tumblr/ Website:

Download this track courtesy of Flatbush Zombies here. | Facebook | Twitter

Cults ft Freddie Gibbs :: Bad Things (Remix)

I’m a big fan of Freddie Gibbs’s hard and fast rap style. Although this beat slows things down a little bit, Gibbs manages to push the pace with his gangsta rap. A head-bobber for sure.

High-Fi Smoking Music | Facebook | Twitter

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